MOC Scholarship/Award

The Military Order of Crusades (MOC) has established a scholarship program which is available to a Doctoral student in the Center of Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Saint Louis University. The scholarship program is to be administered according to the following provisions:

  • Enrollment status: Ph.D. student
  • Area of study: Doctoral students in the Center of Medieval and Renaissance Studies may apply for this scholarship award.
  • Renewable: The scholarship may be renewed if the doctoral student is chosen again through the application process. However, it is preferred to award this scholarship to a new student each year.
  • Selection process: This fund will be administered through the office of Student Financial Services. The selection will be made by the office of the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • Student applicants are required to submit a paper, limited to two typed pages and inclusive of one image germane to their topic, as an element of the selection process. Scholarship recipients will have their paper published in the MOC/BOMC newsletter, “The Herald”, and subsequently posted on the organization’s website.

We expect the scholarship to be awarded annually prior to our fall meeting.