Membership Information

Thank you for your interest in The Baronial Order of Magna Charta and/or The Military Order of the Crusades. We will be happy to assist you for consideration for membership.

Please read the following information thoroughly and complete the proposal form below and email back to the Keeper of the Rolls.

Ancestral requirements-Magna Charta:

Applicants for membership as a Baron or Baroness shall be those ladies and gentleman who can prove  lineal descent from one or more the twenty-four Barons, and the Lord Mayor of London, who were selected in 1215 to be Sureties for the proper observance of the statutes of constitutional liberty known as Magna Charta, from John, King of England. Nominees for membership are required to present properly prepared and endorsed Lineage Claims showing descendancy in full details with citations and corresponding proofs from themselves to the Baron in their lineage. Said qualifying ancestors are William de Aubigny (de Albini); Hugh le Bigod; Roger de Bigod; Henry de Bohun; Gilbert de Clare; Richard de Clare; John Fitz Robert; Robert Fitz Walter; William de Huntingfield; John de Lacie (Lacy); William de Lanvallei; William Malet; William de Mowbray; Saher de Quincy; Robert de Ros; Geoffrey de Say; Robert de Vere. Additional qualifying ancestors who are believed to have left no known descendants or whose descendants died out shortly after Magna Charta are: William de Fortibus; Serle Mercer; Geoffrey de Mandeville; William Marshal, Jr; Roger de Montebegon; Richard de Montefichet; Richard de Percy; and Eustace de Vesci. Notwithstanding the belief that these eight Sureties left no descendants or that their descendants died out shortly after the Magna Charta, the Genealogist may duly consider applications based upon descent from any of said Sureties based upon lines of descent which are prima facie valid.

Descendants of the following Counselors to King John, who were in sympathy with the Magna Charta, are also candidates for membership in the Order: William III d’Aubigny, Hubert de Burgh, Alan of Galloway, William Marshal, Sr. and William IV de Warenne.

Joining the “Order” is by invitation by a current member in good standing (If an applicant is a member of MOC, OCC, OMD, or NSARD, a proposer may be waived on a case by case basis.). Nominees for membership are required to present properly prepared and endorsed Lineage Claims showing descendancy in full details with citations. Lineage Papers will be furnished when the Application and Membership fees are received.  Upon approval of the “Proposal Form” below an invitation and request for the fees will be sent to you.  The Life Membership fee is $750.00 that includes a comprehensive review by the Genealogist of the application when submitted and administrative costs.  The total amount of 750.00 must be paid at the start of the process with a check made out to “BOMC”. If the lineage is not approved all but $200.00 will be refunded to cover administration costs.

As new information comes to light every day the Order retains the right to accept or turn down a lineage based on the most current genealogical research even if it has been accepted prior by this Order or any other genealogical society.  Genealogy is a work in progress and new lines will be added or deleted as necessary. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide the necessary documentation proving the lineage to a Baron.

By providing us with the requested information below by either email or US mail, we will begin the application process.  You may copy and paste the requested information and send it to the Keeper of the Rolls at the address or email listed below.  Please be sure to check which Order you would like to join — Baronial Order of Magna Charta or The Military Order of the Crusades.


To the Committee on membership:
The undersigned propose for membership in the Order:
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(Maiden Name)
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Other Personal Recommendations
(As Societies, Commissions, and Honors)
Name of Gateway Ancestor:
Born Date:                 At:
Died Date:                 At:
Name of Magna Charta Baron: 
Proposed by member:


Applicants not known by a current member should contact the Keeper of the Rolls listed below for additional help.

If an applicant is a member of OCC, OMD, NSARD a proposer may be waived on a case by case basis.

It is understood that upon acceptance of the proposal and payment of the fees, that Microsoft word document lineage application will be sent to the prospective member on which can be recorded the requisite genealogical data relating to lineal descent from the known Baron of the Magna Charta.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to your continued interest in our Order.

Mr. Tracy A. Crocker
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